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queer homestead support 

Coup de Main is an intentional community being built by anarchists & left-libertarians in Louisiana to provide a sanctuary for queer people in one of the most conservative states in the US, a space for local homeless people to sleep, and a space for community organizing.

In order to expand and keep the community alive, Coup de Main needs supplies. If you're interested in the project, you can donate to their GoFundMe below.

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Introduction 3.0 

Howdy. I'm a queer factory worker, infrequent blogger, and sleepy enby.

I mostly complain about shitty current events and dream of beautiful future events. Occasionally I talk about video games.

I'm an anarchist without adjectives. But I'm also deeply interested in individualist, mutualist, and transhumanist schools of anarchism, as well as anarchist ethics. You'll find a ton of that here too.

That's pretty much it. Feel free to stick around. <3

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read a response to the idea of colonizing asteroids that said "lol you can't live in asteroids, there's no gravity", which is kinda like saying "lol you can't fly to the other side of the world, humans don't have wings." still really funny.

the four genders:
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the conquest of bread? cant we just like, conquest a crouton first???

really fucked up that summer is a thing, wish i could abolish the sun but would settle for it being early spring forever

LGBTQ in Poland are leaving the country 

Polish #LGBTQ persons (those who can afford to do so) are leaving the country for other #EU nations, because #homophobia is national policy. They qualify for amnesty


El 1 de agosto de 1902 nacía en Barcelona la mítica militante anarquista de CNT Dolores 'Lola' Iturbe Arizcuren. Sastre de profesión, co-fundadora de la agrupación 'Mujeres Libres' y administradora de su órgano periodístico. Nunca en el olvido a quien dio su vida por la libertad.


liberals: anarchists are violent and want chaos

ancoms: no, in fact we want order and equality...

me, an anarchist with a soft spot for illegalism


Ayer se extendieron las protestas a Seattle y varias ciudades más de EEUU en solidaridad con la lucha en Portland contra la violencia policial

Hay alrededor de medio centenar de personas detenidas y muchísimas heridas


"Another kind of white vigilante has carved out a niche. This kind comes from the Left, and they claim to be critical of the police and the white supremacist structures with which they work hand in hand."- By Peter Gelderloos - Read more: #antireport

Luna says it's time to

stop policing non-binary identities and what you think as valid and "real," and just mind ya bidness

ebooks are good because they are easier to steal than real books

women: *literally invent programming*

some dipshit white boy 70 years later: buhhhhh women dont good at code because they are gatherers

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