if i have to read the phrase "justified hierarchies" one more time my body will transform into snakes

@Cyclideon It always frustrates me so much. If you respect someone and frequently follow their advice, that's not a hierarchy, that's just agreeing with someone. If they have no power to make you do something you don't want to and you're free to disagree with them, then how much you respect them makes no difference!

It's *coercive* hierarchies, y'all. "Justified hierarchies" has so much fucking wiggle room, especially when you realize that authoritarians think *every* hierarchy is justified

@socalledunitedstates @Cyclideon this is interesting to me because the examples we have seem to suggest that respect is how hierarchies start. Ursula LeGuin did well reflecting this in The Dispossessed imo, although as a general rule fiction should not be used as an argument for anything whatsoever, ever. Of course, there are lots of aspects of anarchism that will be incredibly difficult to maintain and require constant vigilance. This is one of them, I suppose.


@marie_joseph @socalledunitedstates yeah, status hierarchies and informal power dynamics can be just as dangerous if we aren't careful c4ss.org/content/52475

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