voting discourse, meme 

a small contribution to the discourse, inspired by this article:

anarchotranshumanism in 1920s russia 

this is a screenshot from The Red Rockets' Glare: Spaceflight and the Soviet Imagination.

aside from supporting bolshevism, the anarchist-biocosmists had a pretty reasonable platform.

art (i guess?) 

wish i could've made the grey bit look more organic but ah well

IP & the bisexual pride flag 

no response to this rent-seeking nonsense needed other than this

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W.I.P.O: "intellectual property is the lifeblood of the video games industry"


anarchotranshumanism, a critique of communism 

too lazy to type this out so i screenshotted it from my tumblr

covid-19, birdsite, right-libertarians 

for supposed anti-statists, right-libertarians seem to despise the idea of society regulating itself

birdsite, rudy giullani, george soros is a secret anarchist(?) 

soros is actually the president of anarchism

richard dawkins 

adding this to the richard dawkins discourse

birdsite, the great equalizer 

(you should follow this person if you have twitter)

birdsite, conservative fuckery 

opening the borders to own the libs


dark, cold, and wet outside so i decided to go for a walk and throw up stickers

not enough mutualist shit out in the world so i brought that with me

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