been thinking about connections between anarchism, transhumanism (or to be more narrow, morphological freedom) & plural systems and realizing i should learn more about plurality

Hey y'all, new here. Excited to explore some more radical social media alternatives. #Solidarity

urban collective farming affinity groups 

There's a group in Portland called the Municipal Eco-Resiliency Project (MERP), and I'm slightly basing this idea off what they do, but making it a little less formal.

A group of comrades coming together wanting to start a community garden. One member has a yard. Everyone invests in the garden plot at the house (providing supplies, money for water, etc), and helps cultivate it. This seems like a way to help provide land to friends in the community who can't own property while utilizing wasted yard space of those that can.

but seriously, as attitudes change and society gradually becomes more inclusive, corporations are gonna try to appeal to marginalized communities more. on the one hand there's an obvious danger of co-opting struggle but i also think it's a sign of progress

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it's also kind of funny because my most extreme social views look like humans messing with their bodies and becoming cybernetic catpeople or connecting to one another via hiveminds and stuff, which, i mean, i would be surprised if i started seeing Walmart advertisements featuring that

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weird how common "lol all your social views are shared by corporations" is. as if that's true in the first place or makes them wrong if it is. "you support black lives matter but K-Mart posted this picture with the words 'black lives matter' on twitter once, so that means you're wrong."

when it comes down to it, no one really knows anything. but i know less


astonishing and scary how the loss of a single person could jeopardize civil rights for generations. we rely too much on the court.

tucker carlson and the left 

if you think you can make meaningful common cause with carlson you may as well admit you don't care about queer people, black people, immigrants, romani, etc. you may say otherwise but revealed preference is always a better signal.

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tucker carlson and the left 

i'm so tired of leftists swooning over tucker carlson every time he says something about the plight of workers or shits on corporations. haven't these people ever seen a fascist before? lots of them say stuff like that. anti-capitalist sentiment is not inherently leftwing.

if these people lived in 20th century europe, how many would be taken in by the original fash movements?

A ban on TikTok would have been impossible without closed app store gatekeepers, says EFF board member @Zittrain. Walled gardens are free speech weak links.

i'm sorta glad elon musk focuses so much attention on colonizing mars. just so long as he stays away from asteroids. that shit's ours.

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