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The police are making more anarchists than I could do in ten years.
-- Emma Goldman

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If your nose is uncovered, you are not wearing a mask.

If you’re wearing it under your chin like a fabric neckbeard, you are not wearing a mask.

If you’re wearing it around your neck like some kind of weird scarf, you are not wearing a mask.

Wearing those things is meant to protect others. A lot of people are doing a really shit job of that.

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If you're in Los Angeles and it's safe for you to be out and about, please consider coming through on Sunday for the march for Mely Corado.

The problem with patiently Convincing the bigots of your humanity is people can simultaneously like you and hate everything that you are through the magic of cognitive dissonance and "one of the good ones"

DHS & Portland 

A lot of the incidents in the DHS’s own writeup on Portland are either vandalism or property destruction. Much of the actual violence seems to take place after federal law enforcement arrives; in other words, DHS seems to be escalating violence rather than stopping it. And honestly, who wouldn’t have a problem with the feds marching into their community to crack skulls and kidnap people, especially when the mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon told them to fuck off?

i wouldn't trust any government official named chad wolf

Propaganda is simply one of many tactics that Anarchists could employ within their own praxis.

“Advertising Anarchy”

Cancel culture: any form of criticism expressed toward right wing people.

Federal officers in military gear "have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown #Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14."


some people say the spike in cases is people going to the beach without masks, other people say, no, its not our fault, its millenials being forced to work during a pandemic, but let me let you in on a secret: it can be both

You WILL HAVE TO follow a LEGAL definition of "good faith" to not have defamatory legal liability for running a website in the USA. I'm not making this shit up.

Senator Josh Hawley [R-MO] is attempting to change #section230. Read the bill:

Most other changes only apply to very large internet companies. But the statutory definition of "good faith" applies to "a provider of an interactive computer service".

here's your semi-regular reminder to please use your BLOODY turn signals

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