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i wonder where the SILENCED 4 TRUTH moron who sent out a company wide email at google about the biological inferiority of women in programming is now. hopefully rotting in obscurity

- free accounts can post and rt, but can't fav, and can't choose which accounts to follow. instead the algorithm serves them automatically
- for $5 a month, you can fav & follow, but can't block or mute, and every week twitter algorithmically directs a rancid chud into your mentions to call you a slur
- for $10, you can block and mute a limited number of accounts, and are able to reply to 3 blueticks per month

There is gonna be a lot of new instances. Please let people set their own cultures on their own instances and don't harass new users for not CWing things that aren't obvious and especially please don't go after for them "using mastodon like Twitter" or just not using the platform exactly the way you do.

Be welcoming please

everybody talks about subscription but never about domscription, really makes you think

This Saturday at 1PM Pacific, I'm giving a keynote address to HOPE 2020: the 13th Hackers on Planet Earth con, put on by 2600 magazine. This is the first all-virtual year, and I am so there for it.

My talk is called "We Used to Have Cake, Now We've Barely Got Icing." It's a totally brand new talk, the first time I've ever tried to publicly articulate this big, unifying thesis I've been developing about monopoly, totalitarianism, tech and IP.


A hearty to welcome to folks now realizing that Twitter is shit

queer homestead support 

Coup de Main is an intentional community being built by anarchists & left-libertarians in Louisiana to provide a sanctuary for queer people in one of the most conservative states in the US, a space for local homeless people to sleep, and a space for community organizing.

In order to expand and keep the community alive, Coup de Main needs supplies. If you're interested in the project, you can donate to their GoFundMe below.

One of my irl musician friends was just interviewed for a podcast and talked about her new album, BLM, and systemic racism

Pearl is a BIPOC singer who is a really amazing and intelligent person that was close with in college.


Hey, you.

Yes, you.

You matter.

You matter not because of what you did, what you know, where you went, or who you've met.

You matter because of who you are.

You matter because you are.

You matter because you exist. Right now, where you are.

You are a living, breathing, thinking, feeling person. You matter, on that basis alone.

Everything after that is extra.

Never let anyone tell you you do not matter.

No-one. Not even yourself.

You matter.

You exist.

Yes, you.


demonstrations, the confederacy and treason 

The Confederacy was immoral because they upheld and defended slavery, not because of treason against a federal government whose flag flew over slavery for nearly a century and over systemic racism to this day.

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demonstrations, the confederacy and treason 

Condemning the Confederates as traitors is something folks should think twice about doing, because this narrative can easily be turned against demonstrators when the state views them as a threat to its power. Senator Tom Cotton -- the same one who wrote that NYT op-ed about unleashing the military against demonstrators after the murder of George Floyd --- comparing "anarchists and insurrectionists" in Portland to the Confederates is the latest example.

birdsite, portland fire, qanon for liberals 

folks in portland set the police union building on fire and people are already trying to call it a false flag even though journalists on the ground have rebuked this. if you want to be cops so bad, the least you could do is be honest and sign up as an officer rather than pretending you hate them on the internet

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